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The Sea, Our Capital

La mer, notre capital © Ville de Marseille© Ville de Marseille

"The Sea, our Capital" is a program created by the City of Marseille and IUCN's French Committee within the framework of IMPAC3. The wealth of activities it includes reflects the debt Marseille owes to the sea.

In short:

  • 90 events from September to October in Marseille and its surroundings: hikes, kayak outings, science cafés, exhibitions...
  • 25 artists gathered at the Pavillon M for "The Sea Is Source of Inspiration";
  • Conferences, seminars, and more.

Full Program
in French (PDF)

But the program is also an accoasion to raise awareness among local residents, encourage them to take responsibility and bring home the benefits of marine protected areas.

A booklet has been published to that effect:

Protecting the Sea
Benefits to All! (pdf)

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