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Pharo Palace

The Congress is housed inside Pharo Palace, a 19th-century historic landmark built by Napoleon III on a stunning headland overlooking the Old Port.

Prince-President Napoleon III visited Marseille in September 1852, a couple of months before being crowned Emperor. He expressed his desire to build a residence “on the water’s edge” meant to embody Marseille’s submission to the new régime. Napoleon III also saw it as a token of affection for his wife, Empress Eugénie, to whom he dedicated the domain.

Begun in 1858, construction was still underway when the French Second Empire collapsed in 1871. Pharo Palace came under the ownership of the City of Marseille and housed various medical and higher-education institutions.

Today, the Palace has been converted into a world-class convention center, covering close to 40,000 square meters. Next to the twin Napoleon-era reception rooms, it features a 900-seat auditorium, conference rooms and an extensive exhibition hall.

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