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Pavillon M, an Outpost of the Congress

marseille pharo vieux port vue aerienne ville_de_marseilleThe Pavillon M: headquarters of MP2013 events © Ville de Marseille

The Pavillon M serves during the congress as IMPAC3’s outpost in the city centre, drawing residents’ attention to the capital role of the sea in their development.

Located on the Old Port’s main quay, next to the City Hall and right across the water from Pharo Palace, the Pavillon M is a 3000 square-meter wood-and-Perspex temporary structure that serves as both the showcase and the orientation center of Marseille’s European Capital of Culture celebrations.

From Oct. 22 to Oct. 27, some thirty artists invited by the Pavillon M explore Marseille’s (and, generally, modern society’s) link to the sea. Under the title The Sea Is Source of Inspiration, they stage exhibitions, plays, screenings, workshops and dances that question the meaning we attach to the sea, and emphasize its influence in inspiring art and shaping civilizations.

Highlights including acrobats performing aboard a sailboat, street artists who are given free rein, and dancers and painters that seem to be just as much in their element under the surface as above.

During the congress, the program of the Pavillon M is structured around several main exhibitions:

  • Marine paintings
  • The sea, a living museum – archeological artefacts recovered from the deep, offering a preview of the World Underwater Festival
  • Calanques: Photographer Philippe Richaud captures the light around Marseille-Cassis-La Ciotat
  • Portraying the Mediterranean from within: painting underwater

Writing and artistic workshops, seminars, lectures and live performances are designed to draw in the public and turn them into contributors rather than just onlookers. They aim to foster a spirit of respect, solidarity and openness – values that lie at the heart of marine protected areas.

The Pavillon M offers an immersive experience not just for the eyes and the mind, but for all the senses. Close your eyes and you can hear the swell and feel the spray on your skin.

Pavillon MAdress: Pavillon M
Place Villeneuve-Bargemon
Quai du Port
13002 Marseille
Free entry

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