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Marseille: Nature

marseille-calanques marie-aude-sevin aamp 493x380 34Calanque. © Marie-Aude Sévin / AAMP

Marseille is surrounded by the French Provence, a country of rugged hills where charming sun-drenched villages are scattered across the Guarrigue – lavender- and thyme-covered slopes. Moving away from the Mediterranean, the hills grow higher and gradually blend into the French Alps.

But the area’s extremely diverse coastline constitutes its main attraction. It ranges in aspect from sophisticated urban landscapes to pristine wilderness.

You can, of course, walk in the footsteps of celebrities who descend on the French Riviera every spring. Yet a stone’s throw from Marseille, in Calanques National Park, you can also explore secluded creeks of crystal-clear waters surrounded by chalky white cliffs.

They form a natural playground for trekkers, climbers, sailors and divers alike.

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