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Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013

Marseille has been designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2013. As celebrations unfold all along the year, they will turn the city – and the whole of Provence – into a hub for creative, artistic encounters and dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

marseille pharo vieux port vue aerienne ville_de_marseilleThe "Pavillon M", which serves as the focal point for all operations relating to Marseille Provence 2013. © Ville de Marseille

Throughout the year, Marseille-Provence will open a string of new cultural facilities: museums (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, Regards de Provence Museum), concert halls (the Silo, the J1), cultural centers (Villa Méditerranée), galleries (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Contemporary Art Fund), and artist studios. Many of these venues are located on the mile-long seafront, helping to forge a stronger link between the city center and the port.

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