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Groundbreaking Conservation

For over a decade, the City of Marseille has been implementing exemplary policies in terms of marine and coastal conservation and development.

On the occasion of IMPAC3, a booklet published by Marseille and the French committee of IUCN underlines this determination:

Protecting the Sea
Benefits to All! (pdf)

But more than words, achievements in and around Marseille are proof of their commitment.

  • the creation in April 2012 of Europe’s first peri-urban national park, Calanques National Park, combining marine and land conservation;
  • the construction and submersion of nearly 30,000 cubic meters of underwater ecological habitats as part of the RECIFS PRADO program, the largest artificial reef in Europe and the Mediterranean;
  • the replacement of traditional navigational-aid markers with seabed-friendlier devices;
  • the development of a partnership with the Conservatoire du littoral (agency responsible for the preservation of the French coastline) within the framework of the Mediterranean Small Islands Initiative (PIM);
  • involvement in national, Mediterranean and European marine-protection networks, such as Eurosite and MedPAN

The Marseille Harbor Management Plan brings overall coherence to the various efforts carried out along the coast and at sea. It encourages cross-sector partnerships among institutional and economic players.

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