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Overarching Themes

Five overarching themes are threaded throughout the week.

1. Management efficiency

Do we have the right tools and capacities to manage MPAs? What marine-specific obstacles or challenges do we face in terms of MPA management?

2. Financing

How is to be funded the action of MPAs in the fields of knowledge, management, enforcement, monitoring and surveillance? What are the appropriate levels for funding sources (from the GEF to local taxes and users...)?  How are ecosystem services to be valued?

3. Ecological representativity

How can MPA networks become ecologically representative? How should high-priority areas be defined? What knowledge do we need to make sure that each single ecosystem is represented within an MPA?

4. Integration

What is the role of MPAs at the local level? How can we involve local stakeholders / users of the sea, and for what purposes? What is the right level of involvement for industries?

5. High seas

How can MPAs be set up in areas beyond national jurisdiction, knowing that these  represent some 50 % of the surface of the oceans?

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