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Day 4: Themes

Governing and financing MPAs

Strengthening MPA governance and finances is essential to eventually meet Aichi Target 11. This stream addresses, among other issues, how to govern MPA networks, how to enforce MPAs in the high seas, and what mechanisms MPA managers can rely on for financing and funding.

Governance of MPAs in the high seas [4A]

According to the law of the sea, no legal tools exist to set up MPAs in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJs), which represent about half of the ocean’s surface. How can this gap be addressed?

Comparing governance frameworks and processes [4B]

Enforcement and control are difficult to conduct at sea, making MPA governance frameworks complex. Yet MPA networks require governance frameworks of their own, adding another level of complexity. How can these different levels of governance be articulated smoothly?

Partnerships, subsidies and funding mechanisms [4C]

Experts and practitioners need to exchange views and provide feedback on ways to fund MPAs, including fundraising, financing mechanisms, and economic approaches such as ecosystem-services valuation and compensation.

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