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Day 5: Themes

Crossing boundaries & fostering regional synergies

Ensuring ecologically coherent regional networks [5A]

Speakers will address ecosystem integrity, resilience and connectivity, answering the following key questions: How are such networks to be designed, and using what tools? Where are we standing in terms of MSP at the regional level? How do we track regional targets? How do we make them specific and measurable?

Developing interregional cooperation [5B]

A discussion of ongoing initiatives will lead to proposals on how to enhance interregional cooperation between institutions and networks, and how to build bridges between distant shores so as to reflect the essential interconnectivity of the oceans.
Key questions: How can one capitalize best practices among regions? How can one build bridges between regions and initiatives?

Integrating the high seas into regional networks [5C]

Based on a review of existing initiatives at the regional level and on a discussion of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs), two consecutive workshops will look into how Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJs) may be integrated into existing regional networks.

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