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Day 3: Themes

Increasing effectiveness

The last few years have seen a growing interest in developing standards for the assessment and certification of protected-area management, as well as for the professionalization of protected-area management skills. Both efforts are related and stem from a desire to improve recognition and rewards for effective, well-managed sites and for capacity-building among their staff.

Certification and standards [3D]

What strategies may be envisioned for delivering a global certification, taking into account the diversity of MPAs and ensuring compatibility with existing schemes? The use of IUCN Protected Area categories will be discussed and compared to potential alternatives, as well as the ongoing IUCN program to create a Green List of well-managed protected areas. In parallel, one workshop will look at the professionalization of MPA managers through training programmes.

Monitoring, assessment and enforcement [3E]

Once a management plan is agreed upon, it remains to be enforced, monitored and assessed. Here again, tools and methods must be chosen to match the specific context. They will be discussed from experience, paying attention to recent developments, success stories and remaining issues.

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