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Ocean+ Evening Events

At the end of the day’s conclusive plenary, the evening is not necessarily over. You may feel the need to exchange impressions, continue a conversation, or simply get to know fellow participants you came across during the day.

After all, helping marine professionals network is high on the list of congress objectives!

Ocean+ Evening Events are organized by partner organizations to showcase their projects and initiatives. They are open to all, in a relaxed setting.



Evening Events begin at 6:15 PM, unless otherwise specified in the day-by-day programs handed out at the congress.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Hope for the Ocean with Sylvia Earle

Main Auditorium

Speakers: Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue), Dan Laffoley (IUCN WCPA-marine); Lance Morgan, Kristina Gjerde, Carl Gustaf Lundin (IUCN), Jennifer Austin-Foulkes (Google Earth).

Dr. Earle’s message is about catalyzing action for ocean Protection. In cooperation with Dan Laffoley (IUCN WCPA-marine), she will launch a map showing 50 new Hope Spots: areas in the ocean that merit immediate protection for their value to ocean ecosystems and to humankind. Panel speakers will then present their progress on specific Hope Spot locations, from the Sargasso Sea to the Arctic, and Google Earth will demonstrate their latest technology to increase awareness and action for Hope Spots.

How Can Regional MPA Networks Contribute to Implementing CBD Aichi Targets? Linking Mediterranean Experiences with Other Regional Seas

Old Port Room

Organizer: MedPAN

Partners: CBD, RAC/SPA, IUCN Med, Adriapan, WWF, Conservatoire du Littoral, APAL, French MPA Agency, Union for the Mediterranean, Blue Plan, Center for Mediterranean Integration, ACCOBAMS, GFCM

After a warm welcoming, a panel discussion will present past MPA achievements in the Mediterranean and other seas, and highlight future challenges in reaching Aichi targets. Questions under consideration include:

  • How does the current state of the MPA system in the Mediterranean and in other regional seas compare with the 10% CBD objective?
  • How is “effective management” actually implemented in existing MPAs? Participants will share positive experiences in networking and capacity building at national and regional levels.
  • In the years to come, what challenges will MPAs face and what new issues do they need to address?

Soft drinks are available throughout. A cocktail with finger food and music follows the debate, allowing participants to exchange informally and discover exhibitions, as well as several publications, books and posters. Come and relax with MPA friends from around the world!

The International Coral Reef (ICRI) Initiative and the French Coral Reef Initiative (IFRECOR): A Unique Partnership to Enhance Coral Reef Protection Around the World

Room La Major

Organizers: International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI); French Coral Reef Initiative (IFRECOR)

Partners: French Ministry of the Overseas; French Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy; Principality of Monaco.

ICRI and IFRECOR will host a cocktail reception to present some highlights of both initiatives’ work, including latest findings on coral reef status around the world, strategies to fight the invasive lionfish in the Caribbean and Economic valuation of coral reefs. The event will include “TED”-like presentations, as well as book launches and poster presentations. It will provide delegates with an opportunity to learn about progress on coral reef management around the world and to network in a social context.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Chagos, Fragments of Paradise

Main Auditorium

Organizer: Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE)

From the Producer of the award- winning The End of the Line comes a stunning inspirational film about the world’s largest no-take marine reserve – the Chagos Archipelago. Filmed on IMAX cinema cameras both above and below the waves, this unique short film reveals a place of hidden beauty that has never been revealed before. Following the screening of this exclusive footage there will be a short Q&A session.

A Party for Pitcairn

Old Port Room

Speakers: Brief remarks will be made at 7.00 PM by Matt Rand, followed by Jean-Paul Michel, Melva Evans-Warren, Simon Young and Cichi Avila Pakarati

Organizer: PEW Charitable Trusts’ Global Ocean Legacy Program

Partners: Pitcairn Island Council and National Geographic

The Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific, with the smallest population of any jurisdiction on earth, could become home to the world’s largest marine reserve. Join us for drinks, canapés and the world’s purest honey, as well as your chance to meet Pitcairn Islanders and hear about their hopes for the creation of a fully protected marine reserve in their waters.

Celebrating the Crown Jewels of the Ocean

Room La Major

Organizer: UNESCO

UNESCO’s 46  World Heritage marine sites cover about a quarter, by surface area, of all marine protected areas on the planet and are inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List for their exceptional natural phenomena, their geological processes, ecological functioning and/or outstanding biodiversity found nowhere else on earth. Given their flagship status and surface area, they are in a unique position to actively change the management of a significant percentage  of the existing global MPA coverage. UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre’s Marine Programme, together with its partners, will celebrate the 46 World Heritage marine sites through the launch of a new short film and several exciting announcements during a Special Evening Event on 23 October 2013.

Thursday, Oct. 24

Great White Shark

Main auditorium

Speaker: William Winram, IUCN Oceans Ambassador

“Our mission is to change people’s attitudes toward the great white,” says Steve McNicholas, co-director of the film. “It’s not the menacing, evil predator it’s made out to be. It’s simply performing its crucial role at the top of the ocean’s food chain. Great whites are not monsters any more than the polar bears or lions.” Great White Shark is a new IMAX film which launched in May 2013 in the U.S. and Canada. The version shown during IMPAC3 is 2D digital. World champion breath-hold diver and IUCN Oceans Ambassador William Winram is seen freediving with great white sharks in the crystal clear waters of Guadalupe, Mexico, together with colleague Fred Buyle, for Dr. Edgar Mauricio Hoyos Padilla’s ongoing research.

Island Challenges: Championing Marine Aichi Targets

Old Port Room

Organizers: IUCN, Global Island Partnership (GLISPA), Rare

Conservation success is built upon initiatives that work – bright spots. To continue to advance the success of effective MPAs to meet Aichi Target 11, we need to build on what is working and upon those bright spots which have the potential to be scaled and replicated.

This evening event brings together representatives of government and community to focus on a selection of island, coastal and high-seas MPA management bright spots from around the world.

Official Presentation of the Joint IUCN WCPA/SSC Marine Mammal Task Force

Grand Large Room

Organizers: The IUCN Joint WCPA/SSC Marine Mammal Task Force, in conjunction with the World Commission on Protected Areas, the Species Survival Commission, and the International Committee on Marine Mammal Protected Areas.

Speakers: Dan Laffoley, World Commission on Protected Areas; Simon Stuart, Species Survival Commission; Naomi McIntosh, International Committee on Marine Mammal Protected Areas; Erich Hoyt and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, MMTF co-chairs

Presentation of MMPATF mission, activities and modus operandi by MMTF co-chairs Erich Hoyt and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara;

The IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Area Task Force (MMPATF) was created in 2013 following two global conferences (Hawaii, 2009; and Martinique, 2011) hosted by the International Committee on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA). The Task Force is being developed through the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the ICMMPA to give a stronger voice to marine mammal needs within IUCN and to serve the larger marine mammal protected area community of practice.

Presentations will introduce how the MTTF works and what are its mission, activities, and expected outcomes.

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