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Tara Expeditions

© Julien Girardot / Fonds Tara© Julien Girardot / Fonds Tara

Exhibition area: LEVEL -1

71% of the Earth is covered by oceans. Less than 2% of the ocean floor has been explored to date. By combining key figures and expedition photos, this exhibition reveals treasures hidden under the surface in terms of food, energy or medicine.

Over three years, Tara travelled the oceans to conduct the most extensive plankton survey ever. Its ultimate goal is to improve our understanding of global climate change. Such is the philosophy on board this polar schooner: Study the sea today to be able to manage it sustainably in the future.

For nearly 10 years, Tara Expeditions has organized missions supporting marine ecosystems through science, innovation and awareness-raising campaigns. Tara is currently underway in the Arctic Ocean.

Designer: Tara Expéditions

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