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"Ile", Small Islands of the Mediterranean

© Adrien Perrin / Initiative PIM© Adrien Perrin / Initiative PIM

Exhibition area: LEVEL-1

There are more than 10,000 islands and islets in the Mediterranean Sea. These areas not only boast exceptional biodiversity but have shaped our human cultures.

These photos focus on the bond between people and the Small Islands of the Mediterranean. What gives them this special "sense of place"? How do humans fit in with these rugged landscapes?

Rather than unequivocally answering these questions, these pictures raise new ones. They explore the Galite archipelago, and Frioul, Riou and Rouveau islands in search of those who lived there, capturing fragments of life and examining the fantasies that we views project onto Mediterranean shores.

Adrien Perrin: “Through the harsh and ultra-real lights of the Mediterranean, I tried to capture a sensitive and poetic ideal. I often found myself comparing the sensitive surface the silver film inside my camera with the beaten surface of the islands I visited.”

These photographs are featured in the Adrien Perrin’s book Ile (Images en Manœuvre, 2012).

Designers: Conservatoire du Littoral, Adrien Perrin

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