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Editorial - 6th World Parks Congress

The French Marine MPAs Agency welcomes you at the World Park Congress.

The Third International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3), held in 2013 in France, aimed to deliver a new vision and new tools for achieving the goal of protecting 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020, as defined by the signatory Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Fulfilling this commitment cannot be done without taking users’ needs and behaviours into account. Creating marine protected areas is an effective means of conserving the marine environment.

Doing so takes values, determination, knowledge of marine ecosystems, and reliable conservation and restoration techniques. It’s time to build bridges between all stakeholders and not only those directly involved in marine conservation, by having a cultural approach to reach each society around the world. Marine protected areas (MPAs) are in a key position to ensure such cooperation: they form a link between land, coastline and sea, between human and biological constraints and between humans and the sea.

To achieve this goal, IMPAC3 mobilized a unique and wide range of expertise, characterized by the diversity of participants including managers, scientists, policy makers, representatives from local governments and communities, civil society, artists and representatives from the business world. 

The Ajaccio Ministerial Conference for Ocean Conservation concluded the congress, with the Message of Ajaccio confirming an international political commitment and announcing new initiatives for ocean protection. The IUCN World Parks Congress taking place in Sydney this November will offer a new opportunity to strengthen the global marine protected areas network. Among the new initiatives being launched at the congress, one of those being promoted is the International Marine Protected areas Network Agenda, IMPANA. The challenge and the purpose of this agenda is creating an important link to capitalize on countries’ commitments such as those made at the last IMPAC or at this World Parks Congress. IMPANA should operate as an accelerator to achieve the international objectives.

Keep in mind that The Agency's representatives will be happy to share their experience and knowledge in terms of marine protected areas designation and evaluation tools (MPA's dashboard) during the Marine Stream sessions and for those who are not able to joign us in Sydney, join us on the Ocean+ web TV

Olivier Laroussinie
Director of the French Marine Protected Agency

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