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Editorial, Oct. 18: Ready to Board!

The home stretch to Marseille proved epic. Program tweaks, flight bookings, press invitations, WebTV developments… Amid the storm, it sometimes felt like we would never touch ground. But now October 21st is on us, we’ve rounded the jetty, and the swell is smoothing out. We’re ready for a reunion.

We managed to weather the squalls, and we owe it to all of you who contributed contents. You answered innumerable emails to define the list of sessions and structure discussions. Our gambit was to allow room for initiative in order to foster exchanges.

This opportunity surprised some at first, but you seized it, and informative discussions flourished well before you landed in Marseille.

On Oct. 1, the program finally went on line. And today more than 1200 of you are getting ready to fly in, from more than 80 nations around the world. Not to mention all those who couldn’t get away but who will join us through the WebTV to follow live broadcasts of plenary sessions, daily magazines and all the fascinating films you contributed.

Where will IMPAC3 take us? Here again, the ball is in your court. Each workshop and knowledge café will deliver a summary of its main points. They will be presented and discussed in each day’s conclusive plenary. We will rely on them to write the conclusions of the congress, together.

For these conclusions to find an echo, we need an sounding board. This is why IMPAC3 includes a Ministerial Conference for Ocean Conservation, in Ajaccio on Oct. 26. Visit this page again to read announcements made by some thirty ministers.

                                                                                  Olivier Laroussinie
                                                                                  French Marine Protected Areas Agency


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