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Editorial, Aug. 9: A program that is yours!

After several weeks of reading and brainstorming around the 700 contributions that we received from you ​​to shape the next Congress, we finally managed to develop a program.

We are pleased to present it hoping that it not only meets your objectives, but also be a source of dialogue and sharing of experiences and expertise.

Your ideas and suggestions were so brilliant and so rich that it was a very difficult task, but we did not deviate from our original commitment that was to take into account all your best proposals and combine them together so that this program reflects your voice. These voices are varied and reflect the diversity of actors who work or are involved in marine protected areas (MPAs).

These voices come not only from major partner organizations such as UNEP, UNESCO, WWF, CI, TNC, the Pew Foundation and Greenpeace, or other major initiatives such as the Global Partnership for Oceans, Global Ocean Forum, the Global Ocean Commission, but also from managers based in each MPAs across the five continents, in multiple laboratories seeking to understand how MPAs work and in all public institutions that ensure their proper functioning.

If MPAs are so close to our heart, it is because of our desire to protect marine biodiversity, to manage the marine resources and preserve the opportunities provided by our oceans, especially for the coastal communities whose survival depends on it.

In order to not disappoint anyone we have developed a variety of sessions. We have created a hundred workshops, fifty knowledge cafes, more than one hundred posters, presentation sessions in the Ocean+ Pavilion, film screenings and other evening events. It's a real challenge to program 250 hours of sessions of different kinds for just 4 days! But this is part of the game, and this rich content reflects the vigor and energy of the MPA community.

Since we still have some time before we meet in Marseille, it is now your turn to take action. This program is yours! So contact your colleagues, organize your workshops and knowledge cafes, discuss and debate via email or video, take advantage of meetings to complete your preparations, hone your arguments and refine your ideas.

The IMPAC3 team is there to help you prepare for a conference that is open-minded and open to dialogue. Contact us at your convenience, we are here to find the best solution to help you find what you are looking for in Marseille, and also hopefully, what you do not expect to find!


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