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OSPAR Relies on MAIA to Compile Database of Marine Protected Areas

The international community will use the MAIA database to collect and publish information on the MPAs of the Atlantic arc.

MAIA is the network of MPA managers of the European Atlantic coastline, from the northern tip of Scotland down to the Azores.

It brings together institutions in charge of the creation and management of MPAs across 5 countries: Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.

On May 10, the OSPAR Commission for the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic officially chose the MAIA database as the model and starting point for its database of MPAs.

The coordination between the MAIA and OSPAR databases will be ensured by the Agence des aires marines protégées. The Agence will also administer the new tool, in collaboration with BfN, the German federal agency that is in charge of AMPs within the OSPAR Convention.

Logo-MAIA largeMAIA, whose closing date was initially scheduled for Dec. 31, 2012, continues into 2013 so as to capitalize on the data collected and to support studies and projects that are still being developed by several partners.








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