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Tara Oceans: a unique expedition at the service of science

Tara. A schooner travelling the world for three years during which time marine scientists took turns on board to study the plankton. Never before a vast study of this ecosystem has been undertaken.

Plankton is influenced by climate, and vice versa. With the current changes, there is an urgency to predict changes in the plankton.

The goal is to better understand the plankton population, discover new species and decipher the interactions between them and their environment by collecting thousands of samples and measurements of physio-chemical characteristics of water bodies. This is an ongoing work in laboratories for OCEANOMICS program.

So, how to take planktons into account for the establishment of marine protected areas?

To discuss about it; come and meet Gaby Gorsky (1) and Andre Abreu (2) on Tuesday, 22 October, at the Ocean+ Pavilion from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m.

The scientific program of Tara Oceans continues now in the Arctic, with the Expedition - Tara Oceans Polar Circle.

(1) Gaby GORSKY: Director of the Ocean Observatory of Villefranche sur mer, Scientific Director of the Expedition Tara Oceans Polar Circle

(2) André ABREU: International Policy Manager for Tara Expeditions

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