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Workshops – share, discuss and, interact!

The program is online, registrations are coming in and the phones keep ringing for more information! We are in the last lap before the finishing line of 21 October, when the Congress begins!

In a series of articles over the next few days we will give you a sneak peak at what will happen during the congress. The workshops are one of the major ingredients.

Workshops consist of 90-minute sessions organized around one or (more frequently) several abstracts, with a strong interaction between panel and audience. Up to 10 parallel workshops may run simultaneously at any given point, in rooms ranging in capacity from 70 to several hundreds. More than 100 workshops have been planned.

Workshops have enough seating capacity to help spread expertise and on issues holding a broad appeal, yet they are small enough to allow for all-round discussion with the audience.

Three time slots are set aside for workshops throughout the day: two in the morning, between the introductive plenary and the lunch break, and one in the afternoon, between the intermediate and the conclusive plenaries.

Find out more about workshop themes and contents: read the detailed program >>

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