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Broader Cooperation Between France and UNEP

The framework agreement binding France and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was officially published on March 26, 2013. It opens up new cooperation perspectives in terms of international environmental governance.

Created in 1972 and based in Nairobi (Kenya), UNEP promotes the protection of resources worldwide as a fundamental aspect of economic and social development.

Together with national authorities, and especially those of developing countries, it strives to improve their quality of life of peoples without compromising that of future generations.

presentation impac3 unepIMPAC3 presentation at the Regional Seas Conventions Annual Meeting, UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, October 2012. © Christophe Lefebvre / IUCN

For this reason, UNEP ranks among the supporting organizations of IMPAC3, the International Marine Protected Areas Congress for the sustainable development of the oceans. Among other issues, the congress will consider how to reinforce marine protected areas programs through regional seas conventions.

The framework agreement that was published last month was signed by France and UNEP on February 23, 2012, as part of the buildup towards the “Rio+20” Earth Summit of June 2012. It defines seven shared priorities, several of which are directly related to the themes selected for IMPAC3, notably:

  • Monitoring and protecting global water resources, which implies river basin management – of vital importance for coastal marine protected areas;
  • Climate change, which is closely linked with changes in ocean currents;
  • Encouraging the Green Economy, whose marine equivalent – Blue Growth – is advocated by marine protected area managers;
  • Conserving biodiversity, at sea as well as on land.

Among biodiversity-related initiatives, the framework agreement highlights the operational beginnings of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). This independent body was created last year to monitor biodiversity, inventory ecosystems and take stock of the services they render to human societies around the globe.

The reinforcement of international sustainable-development agreements lies at the heart of the High-level political meeting that will be held in Corsica on October 26 and 27, 2013, immediately after the five day of IMPAC3 presentations and debates in Marseille.

Read the framework agreement on Legifrance (French language only) >>>

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