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Editorial, March 15, 2013

Welcome to the website of the 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress!

The Ocean is a public good entrusted to humankind. The international community, and each of us, must assume a share of responsibility in ensuring it is protected and sustainably managed. Marine ecosystems and biodiversity bring strategic benefits, including securing food, developing economies and regulating the global climate.

Marine protected areas are instrumental in containing the loss of biodiversity and in ensuring human activities are carried out in a sustainable way.

Creating a worldwide network of marine protected areas cannot occur without a cultural, philosophical and social shift in our relationship to the sea : we need to augment humankind with oceankind. This outlook will help us reconsider the role of marine protected areas during the Congress. Beyond technical or political considerations, we will attempt to understand, listen, share, promote and explain, so that marine protected areas may fulfill their potential. is a platform for exchanging information, ideas and beliefs. It will also enable all those who cannot travel to Marseille to follow the Congress and to contribute to its debates. So let yourself be carried away by the stream of news and pictures we will channel straight from the oceans. And see you on October 21 at Pharo Palace, in Marseille – or on the upcoming WebTV.


Christophe Lefebvre,
International Relations Advisor, Agence des aires marines protégées
Ocean Policy Advisor, International Union for Conservation of Nature



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