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Ocean+ Philosophy

IMPAC3’s Ocean+ motto highlights the role of MPAs in giving and sharing life.

Forests may be the lungs of our planet, but the Ocean is the heart-and-blood system that pulses life across its surface.

The Ocean makes exchanges possible, whether physical, chemical, biological or human. It brings us all together, but to keep it healthy, we must all work hand in hand – whether we are busy studying and protecting the Ocean, or harvesting its resources. Together, we can make sure that its wealth is shared fairly in the present, and preserved for generations to come.

In this task, governments cannot simply impose policies from above, without taking into account the needs and behaviors of communities and users who rely on the sea. MPAs therefore have a pivotal role in promoting a cultural shift, towards a “Blue Society” that considers the Ocean not as separate, but as central to our lives, wherever we might live.

We all depend on the sea, and its future depends on us. This is the meaning of Ocean+: The Ocean is our universal donor and recipient.


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